Creates a new business.



Query parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
setupDefaultData boolean

Request body

The request body takes a complete BusinessModel resource, containing the following writable properties:

    "abn": "string",
    "addressLine1": "string",
    "addressLine2": "string",
    "budgetEntryMethod": "string",
    "budgetWarningPercent": "double",
    "city": "string",
    "contactEmailAddress": "string",
    "contactFaxNumber": "string",
    "contactName": "string",
    "contactPhoneNumber": "string",
    "county": "string",
    "dateCreated": "date-time",
    "endOfWeek": "string",
    "externalId": "string",
    "id": "int32",
    "initialFinancialYearStart": "int32",
    "journalService": "string",
    "leaveAccrualStartDateType": "string",
    "leaveYearStart": "date-time",
    "legalName": "string",
    "managersCanEditRosterBudgets": "boolean",
    "name": "string",
    "postCode": "string",
    "promoCode": "string",
    "registrationNumber": "string",
    "standardHoursPerDay": "double",
    "state": "string",
    "suburb": "string",
    "whiteLabelName": "string"


Name Type Description
abn string String
addressLine1 string String
addressLine2 string String
budgetEntryMethod string BudgetEntryMethodEnum

Possible values are:

  • PercentageOfSales
  • Direct
budgetWarningPercent double Nullable
city string String
contactEmailAddress string String
contactFaxNumber string String
contactName string String
contactPhoneNumber string String
county string String
dateCreated date-time DateTime
endOfWeek string DayOfWeek

Possible values are:

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
externalId string String
id int32 Int32
initialFinancialYearStart int32 Nullable
journalService string String
leaveAccrualStartDateType string LeaveAccrualStartDateType

Possible values are:

  • EmployeeStartDate
  • SpecifiedDate
leaveYearStart date-time Nullable
legalName string String
managersCanEditRosterBudgets boolean Nullable
name string String
postCode string String
promoCode string String
registrationNumber string String
standardHoursPerDay double Decimal
state string String
suburb string String
whiteLabelName string String


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource.

Status code Description Resource
200 OK