Bulk Evaluates shift costings for the employment agreement with the specified ID. Limited to 100 entries per request


POST https://api.yourpayroll.com.au/api/v2/business/{businessId}/employmentagreement/{id}/shiftcosting/bulk

Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
id int32 Required
businessId string Required

Request body

The request body takes a complete ShiftCostingsRequestModel resource, containing the following writable properties:

        "employee": {
            "anniversaryDate": "date-time",
            "dateOfBirth": "date-time",
            "name": "string",
            "standardHoursPerDay": "double",
            "standardHoursPerWeek": "double",
            "tags": [
        "includeEvaluationResults": "boolean",
        "locationIdType": "string",
        "shifts": [
                "attachmentId": "int32",
                "breaks": [
                        "endTime": "date-time",
                        "startTime": "date-time"
                "classification": "string",
                "classificationId": "string",
                "comments": "string",
                "employeeId": "int32",
                "endTime": "date-time",
                "externalId": "string",
                "fullyQualifiedLocationName": "string",
                "hiddenComments": "string",
                "id": "int32",
                "leaveCategoryId": "string",
                "locationId": "string",
                "payCategoryId": "string",
                "rate": "double",
                "shiftConditionIds": [
                "shiftConditions": [
                        "id": "int32",
                        "name": "string"
                "source": "string",
                "startTime": "date-time",
                "state": "string",
                "status": "string",
                "submittedByUser": "string",
                "units": "double",
                "workType": "string",
                "workTypeId": "string"
        "transactionExternalId": "string",
        "workTypeIdType": "string"


Name Type Description
employee object ShiftCostingsEmployeeModel
employee.anniversaryDate date-time Nullable
employee.dateOfBirth date-time Nullable
employee.name string String
employee.standardHoursPerDay double Nullable
employee.standardHoursPerWeek double Nullable
employee.tags[] array of string
includeEvaluationResults boolean Boolean
locationIdType string IdType

Possible values are:

  • Standard
  • External
shifts[] array
shifts[].attachmentId int32 Nullable
shifts[].breaks[] array
shifts[].breaks[].endTime date-time Nullable
shifts[].breaks[].startTime date-time Nullable
shifts[].classification string String
shifts[].classificationId string String
shifts[].comments string String
shifts[].employeeId int32 Int32
shifts[].endTime date-time Nullable
shifts[].externalId string String
shifts[].fullyQualifiedLocationName string String
shifts[].hiddenComments string String
shifts[].id int32 Int32
shifts[].leaveCategoryId string String
shifts[].locationId string String
shifts[].payCategoryId string String
shifts[].rate double Nullable
shifts[].shiftConditionIds[] array of string
shifts[].shiftConditions[] array
shifts[].shiftConditions[].id int32 Int32
shifts[].shiftConditions[].name string String
shifts[].source string ExternalService

Possible values are:

  • None
  • Saasu
  • Xero
  • MYOB
  • Deputy
  • EmployeeTimePunch
  • ClickSuper
  • IntegratedTimesheets
  • FileImport
  • FileExport
  • QuickBooks
  • Harmony
  • AwardStore
  • Attache
  • IntegratedRostering
  • ReckonAccounts
  • API
  • MicroPower
  • RosterLive
  • NetSuite
  • Kounta
  • TimeAndAttendanceKiosk
  • DetailedFileExport
  • JonasPremier
  • WageEasy
  • Maestrano
  • WorkZone
  • EmployeePortal
  • RosterTemplate
  • Onboarding
  • Admin
  • WorkZoneClockOnOff
  • NetSuiteOneWorld
  • Sage50
  • PensionSync
  • FinancialsOffice
  • ProntoXI
  • PayRunDefault
  • StandardWorkDay
  • Beam
  • PayRunAutomation
  • BureauDashboard
  • Wiise
  • QBOMigrationTool
  • AbridgedFileImport
  • QBOForcedMigration
  • HmrcDpsUpdate
  • HmrcDpsStudentLoan
  • HmrcDpsPostGradLoan
shifts[].startTime date-time Nullable
shifts[].state string String
shifts[].status string String
shifts[].submittedByUser string String
shifts[].units double Nullable
shifts[].workType string String
shifts[].workTypeId string String
transactionExternalId string String
workTypeIdType string IdType

Possible values are:

  • Standard
  • External


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource.

Status code Description Resource
200 OK