• get - List withholding and clearance tax adjustments
  • get - Get withholding and clearance tax adjustments by Employee ID


    "payRunId": "int32",
    "taxAdjustments": {
        "<key>": "array"


Name Type Description
payRunId int32 Int32
taxAdjustments object Dictionary
taxAdjustments.<key> map of array List
taxAdjustments.<key>.amount double Decimal
taxAdjustments.<key>.employeeExternalId string String
taxAdjustments.<key>.employeeId string String
taxAdjustments.<key>.employeeName string String
taxAdjustments.<key>.externalId string String
taxAdjustments.<key>.id int32 Int32
taxAdjustments.<key>.locationId string String
taxAdjustments.<key>.locationName string String
taxAdjustments.<key>.notes string String
taxAdjustments.<key>.taxType string String