• get - Get Roster Shifts
  • get - Get Roster Shifts


    "biddable": "boolean",
    "biddingEmployees": [
            "id": "int32",
            "initials": "string",
            "name": "string"
    "breaks": [
            "endDateTime": "date-time",
            "endTime": "date-time",
            "id": "int32",
            "startDateTime": "date-time",
            "startTime": "date-time"
    "classification": "string",
    "classificationId": "int32",
    "datePublished": "date-time",
    "description": "string",
    "employeeId": "int32",
    "employeeName": "string",
    "endTime": "date-time",
    "fullyQualifiedLocationName": "string",
    "id": "int32",
    "initials": "string",
    "isAccepted": "boolean",
    "isDifferent": "boolean",
    "locationId": "int32",
    "locationName": "string",
    "noteAuthor": "string",
    "notes": "string",
    "published": "boolean",
    "resourceId": "int32",
    "roleId": "int32",
    "selectedQualifications": [
    "shiftConditionIds": [
    "startTime": "date-time",
    "workType": "string",
    "workTypeId": "int32"


Name Type Description
biddable boolean Boolean
biddingEmployees[] array
biddingEmployees[].id int32 Int32
biddingEmployees[].initials string String
biddingEmployees[].name string String
breaks[] array
breaks[].endDateTime date-time DateTime
breaks[].endTime date-time DateTime
breaks[].id int32 Int32
breaks[].startDateTime date-time DateTime
breaks[].startTime date-time DateTime
classification string String
classificationId int32 Nullable
datePublished date-time Nullable
description string String
employeeId int32 Nullable
employeeName string String
endTime date-time DateTime
fullyQualifiedLocationName string String
id int32 Int32
initials string String
isAccepted boolean Boolean
isDifferent boolean Boolean
locationId int32 Int32
locationName string String
noteAuthor string String
notes string String
published boolean Boolean
resourceId int32 Nullable
roleId int32 Nullable
selectedQualifications[] array of int32
shiftConditionIds[] array of int32
startTime date-time DateTime
workType string String
workTypeId int32 Nullable