Updates the employee's recurring employer liability with the specified ID.


PUT https://api.yourpayroll.com.au/api/v2/business/{businessId}/employee/{employeeId}/employerliability/{id}

Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
id int32 Required
businessId string Required
employeeId string Required

Request body

The request body takes a complete EmployerRecurringLiabilityModel resource, containing the following writable properties:

    "amount": "double",
    "employeeId": "int32",
    "employerLiabilityCategoryId": "int32",
    "employerLiabilityCategoryName": "string",
    "expiryDate": "date-time",
    "externalReferenceId": "string",
    "fromDate": "date-time",
    "id": "int32",
    "isActive": "boolean",
    "liabilityType": "string",
    "maximumAmountPaid": "double",
    "notes": "string",
    "source": "string",
    "totalAmountPaid": "double"


Name Type Description
amount double Decimal
employeeId int32 Int32
employerLiabilityCategoryId int32 Int32
employerLiabilityCategoryName string String
expiryDate date-time Nullable
externalReferenceId string String
fromDate date-time DateTime
id int32 Nullable
isActive boolean Boolean
liabilityType string EmployerRecurringLiabilityTypeEnum

Possible values are:

  • Fixed
  • PercentageGross
  • PercentageOTE
maximumAmountPaid double Nullable
notes string String
source string ExternalService

Possible values are:

  • None
  • Saasu
  • Xero
  • MYOB
  • Deputy
  • EmployeeTimePunch
  • ClickSuper
  • IntegratedTimesheets
  • FileImport
  • FileExport
  • QuickBooks
  • Harmony
  • AwardStore
  • Attache
  • IntegratedRostering
  • ReckonAccounts
  • API
  • MicroPower
  • RosterLive
  • NetSuite
  • Kounta
  • TimeAndAttendanceKiosk
  • DetailedFileExport
  • JonasPremier
  • WageEasy
  • Maestrano
  • WorkZone
  • EmployeePortal
  • RosterTemplate
  • Onboarding
  • Admin
  • WorkZoneClockOnOff
  • NetSuiteOneWorld
  • Sage50
  • PensionSync
  • FinancialsOffice
  • ProntoXI
  • PayRunDefault
  • StandardWorkDay
  • Beam
totalAmountPaid double Decimal


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource.

Status code Description Resource
200 OK