Creates a new payment file record for the business.



Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
businessId string Required

Request body

The request body takes a complete SgGiroBankModel resource, containing the following writable properties:

    "accountName": "string",
    "accountNumber": "string",
    "alternateCustomerReference": "string",
    "bankSwift": "string",
    "branchCode": "string",
    "bulkCustomerReference": "string",
    "customerReference": "string",
    "fileFormat": "string",
    "id": "int32",
    "lodgementReference": "string",
    "paymentAdditionalContent": "string",
    "paymentCode": "string"


Name Type Description
accountName string String
accountNumber string String
alternateCustomerReference string String
bankSwift string String
branchCode string String
bulkCustomerReference string String
customerReference string String
fileFormat string GiroBankFileFormat

Possible values are:

  • None
  • DBS
  • UOB
  • HSBC
id int32 Int32
lodgementReference string String
paymentAdditionalContent string PaymentFilePaymentAdditionalContent

Possible values are:

  • None
  • PeriodEndingDate
  • PaymentDate
  • EmployeeId
paymentCode string String


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource.

Status code Description Resource
200 OK