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  • get - List Pension Scheme Contribution Plans
  • post - Create Pension Scheme Contribution Plan
  • put - Update Pension Scheme Contribution Plan


    "calculateOnQualifyingEarnings": "boolean",
    "collectionSourceId": "string",
    "contributionGroupId": "string",
    "contributionGroupName": "string",
    "contributionPlanName": "string",
    "employeeContribution": "double",
    "employeeContributionPayCategoryIds": [
    "employerContribution": "double",
    "employerContributionPayCategoryIds": [
    "id": "int32",
    "isAutoEnrolmentScheme": "boolean",
    "lowerDefaultEarningsDisregardType": "string",
    "lowerEarningsDisregard": "double",
    "maxEarningsThreshold": "double",
    "minEarningsThreshold": "double",
    "nicSavingRebate": "double",
    "pensionSchemeId": "int32",
    "pensionType": "string",
    "reportingFrequency": "string",
    "salarySacrifice": "double",
    "salarySacrificeDeductionCategoryId": "int32",
    "salarySacrificePayCategoryIds": [
    "upperDefaultEarningsCapType": "string",
    "upperEarningsCap": "double"


Name Type Description
calculateOnQualifyingEarnings boolean Boolean
collectionSourceId string String
contributionGroupId string String
contributionGroupName string String
contributionPlanName string String
employeeContribution double Decimal
employeeContributionPayCategoryIds[] array of int32
employerContribution double Decimal
employerContributionPayCategoryIds[] array of int32
id int32 Nullable
isAutoEnrolmentScheme boolean Nullable
lowerDefaultEarningsDisregardType string Nullable

Possible values are:

  • NoOffset
  • LELOffset
  • LELOffsetMultiplied
lowerEarningsDisregard double Nullable
maxEarningsThreshold double Decimal
minEarningsThreshold double Decimal
nicSavingRebate double Decimal
pensionSchemeId int32 Int32
pensionType string PensionTypeEnum

Possible values are:

  • NetPay
  • ReliefAtSource
reportingFrequency string PensionReportingFrequencyEnum

Possible values are:

  • W1
  • W2
  • W4
  • M1
  • M3
  • M6
  • MA
  • TW
  • TM
salarySacrifice double Decimal
salarySacrificeDeductionCategoryId int32 Nullable
salarySacrificePayCategoryIds[] array of int32
upperDefaultEarningsCapType string Nullable

Possible values are:

  • NoOffset
  • UETOffset
upperEarningsCap double Nullable