Setting iFrame navigation

An increasingly common request we have is for software partners to be able to "iFrame" certain components of the product into their application.

The key to being able to do this is our support for "iframe" mode.

When you're in iFrame mode you don't see any of the navigational elements such as breadcrumbs and menus.

To enable frameless mode, you can set the "navigation" property on the SSO request object like so

  "username": "

The possible values for navigation are:

  • Full
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • None

Specifying a particular value will hide the navigation elements of higher-level values. For example, specifying 'Secondary' will hide the 'Primary' and 'Full' navigation elements.

Please see the following screenshot for an understanding of what each of the navigation options mean.

  1. This is the "Header" (and is visible when "Full" is specified)
  2. This is the "Primary nav"
  3. This is the "Secondary nav"
  4. This is the "Breadcrumbs"

Once this property is set, when the user is signed in, they'll no longer see the higher-level navigational elements which will make it much nicer to iframe into.