Sets the leave allowances for the specified employee



Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
businessId string Required
employeeId string Required

Request body

The request body takes a complete AuLeaveAllowanceModel resource, containing the following writable properties:

        "automaticallyAccrues": "boolean",
        "canApplyForLeave": "boolean",
        "hoursPerYear": "double",
        "leaveAccrualRule": {
            "accrualType": "string",
            "accrueInAdvance": "boolean",
            "capType": "string",
            "carryOverAmount": "double",
            "carryOverBehaviour": "string",
            "id": "int32",
            "leaveYearOffsetAmount": "int32",
            "unitCap": "double"
        "leaveCategoryId": "string",
        "leaveCategoryName": "string",
        "leaveLoading": "double",
        "leaveUnitType": "string",
        "unitType": "string",
        "units": "double"


Name Type Description
automaticallyAccrues boolean Boolean
canApplyForLeave boolean Boolean
hoursPerYear double Decimal
leaveAccrualRule object AuLeaveAccrualRuleModel
leaveAccrualRule.accrualType string LeaveAccrualType

Possible values are:

  • Ongoing
  • Yearly
  • BasedOnLengthOfService
leaveAccrualRule.accrueInAdvance boolean Boolean
leaveAccrualRule.capType string LeaveAccrualCapType

Possible values are:

  • NotLimited
  • Limited
leaveAccrualRule.carryOverAmount double Decimal
leaveAccrualRule.carryOverBehaviour string LeaveAccrualCarryOverBehaviour

Possible values are:

  • CarryEntireAmount
  • CarryHours int32 Int32
leaveAccrualRule.leaveYearOffsetAmount int32 Nullable
leaveAccrualRule.unitCap double Decimal
leaveCategoryId string String
leaveCategoryName string String
leaveLoading double Decimal
leaveUnitType string String
unitType string String
units double Nullable


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource.

Status code Description Resource
200 OK