Create a new self managed super fund for the employee. To update existing self managed super funds, please use the PUT method.



Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
businessId string Required
employeeId string Required

Request body

The request body takes a complete SelfManagedSuperFundModel resource, containing the following writable properties:

    "abn": "string",
    "accountName": "string",
    "accountNumber": "string",
    "bsb": "string",
    "electronicServiceAddress": "string",
    "email": "string",
    "employeeId": "int32",
    "externalId": "string",
    "fundName": "string",
    "id": "int32"


Name Type Description
abn string String
accountName string String
accountNumber string String
bsb string String
electronicServiceAddress string String
email string String
employeeId int32 Nullable
externalId string String
fundName string String
id int32 Int32


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource.

Status code Description Resource
200 OK