Sets the opening balances for this employee.



Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
businessId string Required
employeeId string Required

Request body

The request body takes a complete AuOpeningBalancesModel resource, containing the following writable properties:

    "deductions": [
            "amount": "double",
            "deductionCategoryId": "int32",
            "isMemberVoluntary": "boolean",
            "isRESC": "boolean",
            "isRescStatusReadOnly": "boolean",
            "name": "string",
            "taxExempt": "boolean"
    "earningsLines": [
            "amount": "double",
            "isStandardPayCategory": "boolean",
            "name": "string",
            "payCategoryId": "int32",
            "payCategoryType": "string"
    "employeeId": "int32",
    "employerContribution": "double",
    "employerLiabilities": [
            "amount": "double",
            "employerLiabilityCategoryId": "int32",
            "name": "string"
    "etps": [
            "etpType": "string",
            "generatePaymentSummary": "boolean",
            "id": "int32",
            "isAmended": "boolean",
            "paymentDate": "date-time",
            "taxFreeComponent": "double",
            "taxWithheld": "double",
            "taxableComponent": "double"
    "financialYearStartingYear": "int32",
    "grossEarnings": "double",
    "helpAmount": "double",
    "leaveBalances": [
            "amount": "double",
            "leaveCategoryId": "int32",
            "name": "string",
            "unitType": "string"
    "locationName": "string",
    "methodB2PaygWithholdingAmount": "double",
    "nonRescEmployerContribution": "double",
    "paygWithholdingAmount": "double",
    "sfssAmount": "double",
    "superContribution": "double",
    "totalHours": "double"


Name Type Description
deductions[] array
deductions[].amount double Decimal
deductions[].deductionCategoryId int32 Int32
deductions[].isMemberVoluntary boolean Boolean
deductions[].isRESC boolean Boolean
deductions[].isRescStatusReadOnly boolean Boolean
deductions[].name string String
deductions[].taxExempt boolean Boolean
earningsLines[] array
earningsLines[].amount double Decimal
earningsLines[].isStandardPayCategory boolean Boolean
earningsLines[].name string String
earningsLines[].payCategoryId int32 Int32
earningsLines[].payCategoryType string

Note: The amounts specified for any ETP-related pay categories (with the exception of Lump Sum D) must represent the total of the corresponding amounts supplied in the etps collection

Possible values are:

  • Standard
  • LeaveLoading
  • GenuineRedundancyLeavePayment
  • OpeningBalanceAllowances
  • EtpTypeRTaxable
  • EtpTypeRTaxFree
  • EtpTypeOTaxable
  • EtpTypeOTaxFree
  • EtpLumpSumD
  • GenuineRedundancyLeaveLoading
  • MethodB2AdditionalPaymentsOpeningBalance
  • EtpSuperableTypeOTaxable
  • EtpSuperableTypeOTaxFree
  • EtpTypeOUnusedLeavePayment
  • EtpTypeSTaxable
  • EtpTypeSTaxFree
  • EtpTypePTaxable
  • EtpTypePTaxFree
  • EtpSuperableTypePTaxable
  • EtpSuperableTypePTaxFree
  • EtpTypePUnusedLeavePayment
  • JobKeeperTier
  • JobKeeperCancelTier
  • JobMakerNomination
  • JobMakerRenomination
  • JobMakerPeriod
  • JobMakerCancelNomination
  • JobMakerCancelRenomination
  • JobMakerCancelPeriod
  • NormalTerminationLeaveLoading
  • PublicHolidayWorked
  • PublicHolidayNotWorked
  • UnusedLeavePaymentNormalTermination
  • BackPayment
  • PaidFamilyAndDomesticViolenceLeave
employeeId int32 Nullable
employerContribution double Nullable
employerLiabilities[] array
employerLiabilities[].amount double Decimal
employerLiabilities[].employerLiabilityCategoryId int32 Int32
employerLiabilities[].name string String
etps[] array
etps[].etpType string EtpTypeEnum

Possible values are:

  • O
  • P
  • R
  • S
etps[].generatePaymentSummary boolean Boolean
etps[].id int32 Int32
etps[].isAmended boolean Boolean
etps[].paymentDate date-time Nullable
etps[].taxFreeComponent double Nullable
etps[].taxWithheld double Nullable
etps[].taxableComponent double Nullable
financialYearStartingYear int32 Nullable
grossEarnings double Nullable
helpAmount double Nullable
leaveBalances[] array
leaveBalances[].amount double Decimal
leaveBalances[].leaveCategoryId int32 Int32
leaveBalances[].name string String
leaveBalances[].unitType string LeaveUnitTypeEnum

Possible values are:

  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weeks
locationName string String
methodB2PaygWithholdingAmount double Nullable
nonRescEmployerContribution double Nullable
paygWithholdingAmount double Nullable
sfssAmount double Nullable
superContribution double Nullable
totalHours double Nullable


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource.

Status code Description Resource
200 OK